What are vanity numbers and how do they work?

Vanity number is a toll-free number or a local number with special or easily remembered number sequences especially used by various top companies for marketing purposes. Nowadays, even small stores or companies are using vanity numbers in order to improve their business. The vanity numbers are easy to remember and never forgotten in people’s mind. An effective vanity number should make the business unforgettable. The vanity numbers can either be a toll-free number or a local number. If it is a toll-free number, then it is accessed all over the globe and if it is a local vanity number, then it means it is destined within a country or area. There are various companies that help customers in getting vanity numbers and they offer variety of services to help the business grow. Nowadays, vanity numbers also use words or alphabets along with numbers. Most business organizations prefer to use toll-free numbers because it is proven that toll-free numbers increases response rates when compared to the local numbers. Therefore, business people use toll-free numbers as a medium to draw the customers to their side and improve their growth in the business. Toll-free numbers do not incur any charges to the customers and hence they tend to call the number often which build the credibility for your business.

Successful marketing is about converting viewers or listeners into customers and to make these customers, they should first make inquiries. To make inquiries, we need a medium and that medium is the vanity numbers. If you have a complex telephone number people often skip your company and move to the next. If you have a creative, easy to remember, funny number then, users will be tempted to talk to you regarding their queries and there are high chances that you can convert them into your customer. Many businesses never think of having a fancy business numbers and all business owners should understand that these numbers are the first point of contact between you and the outsiders and the stronger the communication, the higher the chance of making a potential customer. This connection is provided through the vanity numbers. We can see several vanity numbers in advertisements, television, radio, emails, and messages. Study reveals that 75% of people were able to recollect the vanity number after hearing them once. Customers are having trust in the vanity numbers and believe their queries will be solved if they call this number and till date, their belief was never broken and the businesses are doing extremely good with this. This makes the customers to repeatedly call the numbers even if they get silly inquiries. The businesses can take advantage of this and attract many customers and grow their business. This is a win-win situation for all the parties involved.

The process of getting a vanity number for your business is very simple because of the existence of internet. You need to select a provider and choose your vanity number and you are good to go. The toll-free number will not interfere with the local telephone number or the telephone service. They run on separate lines and there is no need to worry about the interference of both vanity numbers.

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